Whew!  Trying to blow off the dust and get things cranked up again!  I love to write, I love to sew and somehow I need to find the time to do those things that make me happy!   I’m learning more about blogging and features and doing things.  I spent last weekend at SewPro in Chicago and oh my goodness it was so energizing.   I learned so much and there is so much I can be doing, I just have to get the hang of all of this!!!

I find it interesting that I spend all day long at my day job working on computers, yet when it comes to things like social media, I am a complete novice.  I learned so much at SewPro about how to use my blog to convey what is going on with my quilting business.  WOW.   I got so excited that I managed to create a second blog, then couldn’t figure out why all the posts I wrote were not showing up.  Sigh.  SO I’m now back to my one blog and I’m working this out slowly but surely.

I have so many ideas bursting in my head and so many things I want to sew and teach!!

SEW ALL THE THINGS!  WRITE ALL THE THINGS!  Where will I find the time!!


October 4, 2016