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Stitching through the Sorrow

In times of great sorrow, we turn to many things in life to deal with that sorrow.  This weekend I dealt with the loss of two friends, one very close, the other was the husband of a close friend.  I am about at my breaking point this year.  There has been so much loss.  Loss of lifestyle, loss of relationships and loss of friends.  Monday dawned with a new kind of horror.  I will not make any political commentary.  That’s not what this blog is about.  What I will say is that through this weekend, and now through this week, I plan to stitch my way through my sorrow.  This weekend I found great comfort in sewing.  I made things both for myself and for others.  All of the items are useful, but with a touch of whimsy, trying to bring some light into the darkness.  With each stitch, I found myself sewing my heart back together, one tiny stitch at a time.

We will all get through this.  Be kind to each other.  Be kind to people you don’t know.  Take a deep breath.  Sew a little.  If you don’t know how, go learn – it’s a useful skill to have.  Keeping your hands busy through all of this can help calm your mind and sooth your soul.  I don’t have any other answers, believe me I wish I did. In the mean time I will just keep sewing.

One foot in front of the other…

I see a lot of people post on social media these days about ‘adulting’.  While I abhor that word, I’m not even sure it really is a word, I completely comprehend the sentiment.  There is the list of things that I really want to be doing, and then there’s the list of things that I ought to be doing.  If you have an avocation, like I do in quilting, then there’s a list of things in between that is things that I like that I ought to be doing but still get passed over for the list of responsible adult activities.  This blog somehow often falls into that category.  No matter how good my intentions are to write and share on a regular basis, life manages to show up like an octopus and wrangle me into the depths and it never happens.

I have now, at least, reset my password, and am putting some words on to paper.  I have this grand plan to install WordPress on my iPad so that I may write from anywhere.  I have this wonderful fantasy of sitting at a little cafe in Rome, Italy, sipping an espresso and typing away on my blog.  It’s much more likely to be me sitting at a Sonic in Rhome, Texas, sipping on a diet limeaide and typing away on my blog but both have their own appeal.  I will get there; as my sister often says, it’s a process.

At least I’m sewing again.  I have gotten things together enough and my health has stabilized enough that I am sewing again and enjoying it again.  That’s a beautiful thing.  For a while I was really worried that I would not be able to get back to the hobby that I have loved so well for over 25 years.  I need to get pictures and get things posted, but that’s another day.  After more adulting.