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Slow and Steady Wins the Day

It’s both an old British saying, and the name of Tula Pink’s latest fabric line.  She has mentioned that part of the name refers to working steadily towards a goal, and that steady work will get you to the finish line eventually.

If you have been reading through the blog, you have seen a HUGE theme about starting over, moving forward, all those ways of saying that I want to work on this and I want to make it a success.  I have also posted how I am working on patterns again, and I’m remaking some of them in more modern fabric.  That being said – I’ve finished a new sample of Fat Quarter Fabulous using Slow and Steady.  I’m realizing this is more than just making another sample, this is a tangible expression of this reboot.  I could not have picked a better fabric line for this new sample!  I’m both getting my technical content updated as well as updating my samples.  Next up is to get it quilted and get a photo of it in all its glory.

The website/blog is now on line and ready to go.  I will continue to update as I add more content and get more photos but the core of it is in place, and I couldn’t be happier.  I also dug in and created my logo in Adobe Illustrator.  I overcame a huge learning curve there thanks to online tutorial videos, and I’m pleased with it.  I was able to keep the hand-drawn aspects of my original logo, while converting it to a format that can go on a number of things.  Color me happy as I check another thing off my list.

I will keep looking at that quilt when I get discouraged, or confused or tired.  Slow and Steady Wins the Day.  I will figure all this out.  I will create new patterns, and I will continue to do that which I love so very much.

Download the pattern for free here!